Select Services and Add Service Partners

Choose new services that you want to offer to your customers. You can then make referral deals with service partners that offer these services and add them from your HelperSquad admin panel. We are always open to adding new services to the dashboard and welcome new suggestions!

Either add service partners that you already work with or otherwise ask the HelperSquad team for help selecting appropriate partners and we will be happy to help facilitate these deals.

Set Commission percentages by Partner

You can choose the commission percentages that you want to apply to different partners and manage commission payout amounts and invoicing directly from your HelperSquad admin panel!

You can assign service providers an agency panel from which they can upload the names of staff, set their working hours and more, all of which feeds directly into your own admin panel.

Manage Bookings and Payments

Not only can you accept online payment through our integrated payment gateway, but you can also manage appointments and clients from the admin panel as well.

Retain control of your clients by restricting the information that partner agencies can see and automatically send clients invoices, receipts and booking confirmations via email.

HelperSquad offers a way for individual service companies to level the playing field and collaborate with providers of services to a similar customer base, in exchange for commission.

This is a mutually beneficial solution, as our clients are able to generate substantial incremental revenues without significantly increasing overheads or marketing budgets.

We are committed to making this a success for you and individually onboard every HelperSquad client.  Watch our demo video to see how the system works and then contact us here for a live walkthrough.

Smart Scheduling and Online Booking

When you sign up with HelperSquad, you get branded booking pages via a link that you can add to your website. This allows you to easily:

  • Accept Online Bookings.
  • Take Credit Card Payments via an integrated payment gateway.
  • Automatically check which service partners are available for a booking that comes in and automatically assign the booking to an available provider based on priorities that you set.
  • System generated emails including booking confirmations, invoices and payments received.
  • Add different types of discount codes with custom validity.
  • Interactive dashboard for each customer where they can rebook or cancel appointments based on your settings.

Customer Relationship Management

The HelperSquad admin panel allows you to manage customer balances and appointments, making sure that they receive the best possible experience. Easily view the following data points for each customer:

  • Names of individual service providers that they have used
  • Payment terms and regular bookings / contracts
  • Total amount owed for each appointment / period
  • Payments made
  • Review that they have given
  • Pricing by service and appointment
  • Customer Contact details
  • Securely saved Credit Cards
  • A total business overview via an interactive dashboard

Partner Management

  • See average rating by partner.
  • Manage commission owed and VAT payable.
  • Let partners upload names of photos of individual service .
  • Export reports by date range.
  • Allow partners to update the schedules of individual users in their own agency panels that feed data into your HelperSquad admin panel.


No this is not necessary. We will help you onboard agencies.

Currently, we have agencies across maid service, deep cleaning and AC duct cleaning, babysitting and party help. However, we are in the process of adding new services and can do this on request for our clients.

Currently, we integrate with Telr for our UAE clients. You will need to create your own account with them and we can help to facilitate this.

Yes! Our founders have run multi-service companies in the past and have used the HelperSquad system to do so, generating significant incremental revenue.



49 USD month (discount if paid annually)
  • Up to 5 services and onboard 10 partner agencies
  • Up to 1,000 individual customers
  • Admin Panel to manage Service Partners
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Integrated Email Service Provider
  • Branded Booking Pages


ASKPricing Available on Request
  • Any services available in the HelperSquad system
  • Unlimited number of partner agencies
  • Unlimited individual customers
  • Admin Panel to manage Service Partners
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Integrated Email Service Provider
  • Branded Booking Pages
  • Native Branded Mobile App (IoS and Android)


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