HelperSquad isn’t just a Service Portal. As well as access to the HelperSquad platform and ensuing referrals, we also provide agencies with access to a state of the art CRM system and online front end with absolutely no fixed cost!

We enable you to group areas together and set travel times between areas. Our smart system then applies travel times that you have predefined so that your customers are only offered slots that you can accommodate.

Furthermore, we allow customers to easily rate your staff so that you can see which members of staff are performing and which aren’t. Moreover, whilst some customers will let you know that they are unhappy, others will simply switch agency. By allowing those customers to rate staff easily through their smartphones, you can more easily identify unhappy customers and fix the situation.

The HelperSquad platform itself sends you appropriate referrals based on the areas that you cover, during the working hours that you offer and at the times that suit you – we can do this because of our CRM system. This reduces inefficiencies and allocates the right customers to the right staff at the right time with minimal human effort or margin for error. This means you save on staff cost and maximise revenue per staff per day – the key metric for most of our customers.

You can even promote slots at a reduced rate through the platform. By doing this in real time with us, you are able to promote your empty slots without diluting your brand or having existing customers demand the same discount.


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