HelperSquad does not directly employ any service staff. We work with partner agencies and we operate as a booking engine for them and a booking and management portal for our customers.

We provide our partner agencies with an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Therefore, we have far greater control and grasp over scheduling than other service portals. This means that you can rely on us in a way that you can’t rely on other service portals.

Accidents can happen and we ask our partner agencies to adhere to a certain level of service. Where your expectations are not met, we will work with you and the agency to find a solution. However, the final responsibility for service quality lies with your service provider and the agency that they represent.

We offer our partner agencies the ability to offer online booking and payment for their services alone, by placing a link on their site. You can log in using your HelperSquad account and the appointment that you book will appear in your HelperSquad customer dashboard alongside any other bookings that you make (either directly with HelperSquad partner agencies or on the HelperSquad platform itself)

No we don’t. Our PCI compliant payment gateway provider tokenises your credit card so we don’t store your credit card details on our server and our partner agencies aren’t able to either.

You can enter this at the last step of the booking process before you confirm the service.

We are constantly looking to add new services and are focused on domestic services for now.

Currently just in Dubai, but we hope to expand to other Emirates in due course (and beyond!)